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Meet club member
Roy Bender
is one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  He is a full-scale pilot as well as an R/C pilot, so he truly understands the physics of flight.  Roy is a born teacher.  His appreciation and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious!  I can personally vouch for the fact that he is an excellent R/C instructor. 

Roy Bender - April 4, 2010

On the day these pictures and video were shot, there were some visitors watching.  Roy was chatting with them and making them feel welcome, explaining various details about the planes, controls, etc.  I met Roy's wife, Connie, who is also delightfully friendly and cheerful, but I didn't have the presence of mind to take her picture.


Even though it was one of the first outtings of the year, Roy was in fine form!  Beautiful take-offs and landings (most of which evaded my camera!) 

Video: Roy Bender, April 4, 2010

Meet club member
Peter Caddick

I caught up with Peter on August 8, 2011, where he was flying his Radian sailplane at dusk. 


As it was getting late, we didn't have much time to chat, but Peter was good enough to share the following information...

Hello, my name is Peter Caddick and I have been flying R/C for twenty years. I learnt to fly R/C at club in Reading, England, right beside the River Thames. In fact the downwind leg of the landing approach was over the river!

Over the years I have travelled and worked in lots of places. Where ever I go I seek out the local hobby store and get their directions to the local model flying field. For it is at the field that the common language of R/C flying is practiced, what better way to make new friends in a strange town, state or country than at the flying field!

During my first ten years in the hobby I flew fixed wing planes and never wished to try helicopters. I tried all manner of planes; 1/4 scale, gassers, sailplanes, electrics (in the days of ni-cads and brushed motors), etc. Then, in a moment of boredom, I tried flying a helicopter on the simulator and told myself that if I ever mastered flying a helicopter on the simulator I would try the real (model) thing. Hence, the addition of a Raptor 30 to my fleet - which I used to teach myself to fly.

I have always been a member of at least one model flying club, and believe in giving back to the hobby. My examples include conducting numerous show and tell events for different group, being an instructor, teaching Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts about the hobby and being a club officer for eleven years (nine of which have been as a club president).

Remember this is a hobby and it is supposed to be fun! Some of us only 'fly' the picnic tables, whilst others want to fly all day, either way join a club and enjoy this great hobby and the many friends that it can bring.

Safe flying,  Peter

Peter's Hangar and Man-Cave!
Peter Caddick, August 8, 2011

Meet club member
Mark Fisher
who braved the elements
on Dec. 27, 2009, to fly his nitro high-wing plane. 
Mark is fairly new to the club, having joined in October, 2009. 
He usually flies his electric models, but recently purchased
his first nitro-powered plane.

Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher

Mark is also a pilot (of life-sized planes) and had flown over
the field earlier that day in a Cessna 172.  He gave me some good
insight as to how to use the rudder to "coordinate" turns.

Mark had several picture-perfect tricycle landings before I thought
to get my camera.  The landing I captured wasn't his best,
but still got the job done quite nicely.

Mark Fisher, a quick fly-by with his nitro-powered high-wing NexStar

Mark Fisher landing

Meet club member
Bill Henry
Bill can recite Pi to 35 decimal places while performing inverted loops - blindfolded!  Actually, I have no idea if that's true or not.  I didn't have much time to talk to Bill when I snapped this picture, so I had to make up something!  I did notice, however, that he is a switch-hitter... flies electric and nitro.

Club Member Bill Henry

Meet club member 
Tom Hobbins
Tom was flying a scale AT-28 the day I caught up with him at the field in April, 2010.  The beautiful plane has some very nice scale features, and looks great on the ground as well as in the air.  Tom has a special attachment to that model, since he flew the full-sized version in Viet Nam. 

Tom's brother, Bob, is also a club member.

Club Member Tom Hobbins, with his AT-28

Tom Hobbins, April, 2010



On this particular day, Tom was tweaking the plane when the nose gear (Robart pneumatic retract) hung up in the air!  Tom did a great job of landing on the rear wheels and gently setting the nose down on the grass.

Meet club member 
Jim Lenahan
Jim had recently joined the club when I caught up with him on June 15, 2013.  He was flying his "Apprentice" high-wing electric foamie with instructor Peter Caddick.  Jim flew RC models as a kid, and is just getting back into the hobby.  He lives close to the field and also has a dental practice nearby.

Photo of Jim Lenahan
Club Member Jim Lenahan with his Apprentice

Photo of Jim Lenahan and his Apprentice airplane
Jim Lenahan, June 2013


Jim was doing a fine job cruising the skies. 

Check out the short video!

Meet club member 
Dave Muchmore
Dave was flying his "Gentle 88," a powered glider, the day I caught him at the field.  It is one of several planes Dave owns and flies at the club.  On one of his flights that day, he saw the battery hatch cover fluttering down from WAY up and far away from the runway.  Dave wandered through the fields searching for the cover, but wasn't able to recover it.

Club Member Dave Muchmore, with his "Gentle-88" powered glider

Meet club member 
John Nguyen

John is an active member of the club.  These pictures were taken on Sep 11, 2011, when he had at least two planes at the field.  One was a delta wing Bobcat that John built from a kit and converted from nitro to electric.  Sweet looking plane, on the ground and in the air.  John also had a small white plane, scratch-built, that he was flying for the 1st time.  It was well-built, as it withstood a couple "unceremonious" landings in the weeds without sustaining even a scratch!

John is the father of Tom Nguyen, who is also an active member of the club and an excellent pilot as well.

Club Member John Nguyen with his Bobcat

Assembling the Bobcat

John's son, Tom, flying the Bobcat

Scratch-built high-wing

Another view of the high-wing

Meet club member 
Craig Peck
Craig was club president in 2009, and club vice president in 2010.  Craig is an excellent RC airplane pilot.  Owner/operator of "Flying Media," Craig has some SERIOUS equipment (both flying and photo) used to take aerial photos and video.  He must have one of the coolest jobs, ever! 

Club Member Craig Peck

Below are some recent examples of Craig's work... just another day in the office!

Craig Peck's Flying Media gig
Men at Work? (Heli pilot - club member Andy Wargo)

Flying Media aerial photo
Road Construction Site

What a job, eh?
Andy Wargo flying the heli, Craig Peck operating the camera.

Meet club member 
Bill Stafford
Bill has been flying for 2 or 3 years, and travels all the way from Honeybrook to fly at the field.  Here, Bill was testing the new OS motor on his Hangar 9 "Alpha 60" high-wing plane. 

Club Member Bill Stafford

Bill and his Alpha 60

Hangar 9 Alpha 60

Meet club member 
Jim Schertzer

I caught up with Jim at the field on June 5, 2013.  An absolutely gorgeous day, Jim was flying his nitro-powered NexStar.  A beautiful plane, beautifully flown!  When Jim isn't flying, he works at Harley Davidson in York. 

Photo of club member Jim Schertzer
Club Member Jim Schertzer

Meet club member 
Charles Zirkel
The club Field Marshal, Charles doesn't let a little cold weather or snow get in the way of some good flying! These pics, taken during 2010's "Snowmaggedon" show off Charles' plane outfitted with snow skis!   

Charles Zirkel, our Field Marshal, with ski plane

Charles Zirkel's plane, outfitted with snow skis
Zirkel's Ski Plane


Meet club member 
Andy Wargo

Andy is a great pilot, both of airplanes and helicopters.  In fact he used to fly full-sized planes until it got to be too expensive, then he switched to RC aircraft.  Andy has many planes and heli's in his hangar, including electric, nitro, gas - - and even has a turbine helicopter! 

Andy Wargo, with his powered kite

I caught up with Andy on August 31, 2011, where he was flying a powered kite!  An amazing contraption, it looked like something from a Jules Verne science fiction story!  But it was very cool!  Instead of moveable control surfaces, it uses thrust vectoring to control it's movement.  Andy also showed me one of his helicopters, a quad-copter, and demonstrated it's air worthiness.  Fantastic craft, too, it had a very stable hover, and he could move it about with considerable precision.  We enjoyed nearly PERFECT weather for flying that evening... cool temperature and almost dead calm!  Andy wore a huge smile the entire time!

Powered Kite!


Andy Wargo with his quad copter

Here is a more recent video of Andy with his
DJI Phantom (in manual mode!)


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