Lancaster County R/C Club

Club Background

The Lancaster RC club is an association comprised of people from all walks of life.  From doctors and computer programmers to mechanics who work on the car you drive, the club is truly an eclectic group.  Founded in 1956, the club is dedicated to constructing flying models, flying these models, and teaching all who inquire the skills necessary to be successful at this very interesting hobby/sport.  In the past, we have had teaching sessions with everyone from handicapped folks to Boy Scout troops.  We have also in the past been invited to the Lancaster Airport’s “Community days”, where we do some demonstration flying for the crowds.  We have many sponsored events throughout the year, which range from monthly picnics to “friendly” competitive contests.  



Many of our members who started young have gone on to college to study engineering and other technical fields.   Over the long and interesting history the Lancaster RC Club has had, we have grown deep roots in the community and anticipate continuing to do so in the future.

Presently, we rent a small section of land from the state affectionately known to locals as the “Goat Path”.  Since there has been so much discussion about the proposed rt. 23 by-pass, (part of which we utilize for our flying field) our position there is precarious at best. 


What we desire is simple, a long term lease with a land owner in central Lancaster County.  Our needs are simple, about 8 to 10 acres for our runway and parking areas.  We own equipment for cutting and maintaining our present field, which is manicured to perfection.  We feel with our membership of around 75, we can offer a lucrative alternative to crops, based on our small acreage needs.  Any interested landowners / farmers can contact Craig Peck.





Life is Good.... on the Goat Path